Starting Another Project

As usual I got ahead of myself and started refinishing the vanity before getting pictures.  I had already removed the mirror from it's frame.

I think this is going to be a very pretty piece.  The hardware is original, is in good shape and most importantly is great looking!  


The vanity is in pretty good repair.  A couple of the drawers are missing their guides and some sections need to be reglued...I just want to get painting!

This is the top of the mirror.
I see natural wood surrounded by black!

Knechtel Dresser Update

As soon as I saw this solid wood Knechtel bedroom suite I knew I wanted it. Happily Dan could see the "good bones" too.  This is a quality piece of furniture that just needed some attention. I was sure the right colours would accentuate and modernize the clean lines of its design.

Watermarks to sand away
Varnish is worn off and missing in areas

I could see this is dark grey with
black feet
I like the original hardware, but want
to update the look

Dan had to drill new holes for the handles
What a difference new hardware can make
Just like new jewelry!!

Almost complete

Printing on Silk

I use heavy card stock paper.  Place it on a surface that will survive the over spray of glue
Smooth out the silk

Make sure that you allow the glue to dry for 3 to 5 minutes.  This is VERY important if you want to remove the card stock from the silk.  If you don't, after printing the paper will stick to the silk. Place card stock glued side down and smooth over.

Good side of silk with card stock

Now cut around the card stock

Fabric is trimmed along the edges of the card stock
I let the silk and card stock rest for about an hour and make sure that it is dry.

Then I find the print I want to transfer.  For this project I used Toto Ryogoku Woodcut from the American Library of Congress.  These are all Public Domain Prints.  I use my colour laser printer.                                     

 Slowly pull the silk from the backing. If you want to just frame the print, leave the card stock in place.

If you want to frame the print smooth the silk over the card stock as soon as you spray the adhesive.  This will make a permanent bond.

I think that I will quilt this silk print, adding some Japanese fabric that I have in my stash and make a pillow cover.

Finished (not quite)

I just finished this china cabinet.  When I was posting information about it on my "For Sale" page I somehow did a copy/paste and lost all of my projects.  So here I go again-learning to blog can be frustrating.


The cabinet below needed a lot of sanding.  The top was water marked and the original finish was gone.  I painted this cabinet a soft yellow, although the photo doesn't really show it.  Tearing out the side panels and adding two doors, give the cabinet a lot more access for storage.  They look wonderful in a bathroom, bedroom or sewing room. 

 They also look good back in the dining room being used to display dishes.

This cabinet was a real mess when I bought it.  Never buy a piece of furniture in a dark garage.  The owner was in a rush to get it out of there!  It took me tons of time to get this cabinet into shape, but she is a real beauty.  I think I like this one the best.


My biggest problem is that I get an old piece of furniture home and have it torn apart and half refinished before I even think of taking a picture.   This desk was covered with too many layers of paint to count.  I ended up just scraping the paint off and then sanding.  What a surprise to find an oak top.

I just love this desk and chair.  I have sold them and I hope the new owner enjoys them.  They are a soft green, shabby chic.

I didn't like the look of a flat screen television just hanging on the wall in our livingroom

This is the wardrobe that hides our flat screen television, stereo, wii, movies, cds and all kinds of other junk that you cannot live without.  Once upon a time, it was blue, with wood panel doors.  We stripped the paint off, sanded, stained and varnished.  Dan added stained glass doors.  Dan also designed side panels that hold a board, that in turn holds the hardware that our 42 inch flat screen television hangs on.  There is ventilation on top, so the television does not overheat.

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