Thursday, 28 January 2016

Primitive Cupboard Commission

This commission is a home made cupboard.  When the client dropped it off, I really wasn't that impressed with it.  I wasn't sure it was anything I would have picked up for myself.

The doors are very rough; you can tell someone used a chisel to make them. I was starting to really like it...has lots of personality.

 I suspect that at one time this cupboard had been heavily waxed.  The paint would not stick!  I REALLY had to sand off the old finish.  It is made of pine or fir so it is pretty soft wood for sanding.

I kept the original hinges, but spray painted them to match the drawer hardware.  The cupboard looks great.   

I hope the owner is as happy with the results as I am.

If I ever happen upon a rough little cupboard like this in my travels...I will surely pick it up.  I love the rustic look.  A diamond in the rough

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