Thursday, 28 January 2016

Dresser Commission

Man I get angry at myself.  I am always neglecting to get a good "before" photo. This dresser was dropped off with a request that it be painted off white in a shabby chic style. The dresser was in very poor condition; someone had used a belt sander; naughty, naughty.  I like to restore the top to the natural wood, but the client wanted an all white finish. All for the better, as the natural wood top would have accented the uneven sanding.

Belt sanding can do so much damage unless you are REALLY experienced and the grit is very fine (400) and the wood is very hard.  

The dresser had been through a lot; I could and did pull the dresser apart, easily and with my bare hands.  LOL

Nothing that some glue and clamping won't fix.

Both sides and the back had to be clamped and glued


The drawers had to be glued together and existing hardware holes filled.  Dan made a new drawer slide for the bottom along with drawer guides.  This poor dresser had really seen better days.  I was very nervous about how she would work out.

Oh she is so pretty.

I went with hardware close to the colour of the dresser. The flat grey hardward provided looked a bit harsh against the warm white. There is no other dark colour on the piece to use as a contrast.

I am very happy with how well this poor dresser turned out...

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