Friday, 6 November 2015

Storage Unit Blues-Cedar Chest Restored

This poor cedar chest had been in storage for five years and storage conditions were not good.  

How disappointing to retrieve your grandmother's cedar chest and find that moisture had warped the veneer and REALLY damaged the finish.

The veneer was completely detached from parts of the chest. 

One of the legs had fallen off.

She was pretty sad looking.   The veneer almost looks like fabric and not wood!

We glued the legs, removed the warped veneer, wood filled, sanded and sanded and sanded.  I stained the lid a rich dark walnut colour.  After a couple of coats of paint and a varathan finish coat, we have one pretty little cedar chest.

I painted the exterior a warm white, gently distressed by sanding and finished with a couple coats of varathane for strength

The cedar chest is 40 1/2 inches long, 18 1/12 inches wide and 19 inches tall.  It is a small cedar chest that could easily fit at the bottom of bed.  I did consider upholstering the top, but I liked the trim too much to cover.

I love cedar chests that are on legs and don't sit flat on the floor.


Sunday, 1 November 2015

For *&%#'s and Giggles

This is a very plain, very boring little table.  Stained a blah dark brown, over not very interesting wood.  There is a little handle to add interest, and interest only as there is no drawer.

So...I thought I could brighten it up a bit just for fun.  I have wanted to try spray painting over lace for ages.  I have a collection of lace that I have picked up over the years just for this.  This is not good lace by any means, machine made but with a nice pattern that I could cut out.

And this is what we have.