Sunday, 30 November 2014

The minute I saw this vanity I loved it.  It has great "bones".


And this is what she looks like today.

 I sand, paint, sand paint then finish with a couple coats of varathan.

 The bench is newly upholstered with a cotton french themed fabric

 I stained the dresser top  in walnut and finished with a satin varathan

The warm white, slightly distressed dresser is ready for it's new home.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Little Vanity

I have about 6 different projects that are on the verge of being completed.  
I just have to get the mirror back in the frame and mounted.  
This pretty little vanity also has a bench that needs to be upholstered.
Next week is going to be my week to finish it!


Everything is painted and ready to go

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Dainty Blue Secretary

This is my latest project. 

Obviously I have to put the back panels back in place.  We had to replace the door stay and it was so much easier to access through the back.
More pictures to follow.

A true Antique

This cabinet/buffet was painted, painted and the painted again, and what do I do strip it!  Every other piece of furniture I buy, I paint...go figure!  

I thought that the cabinet would be pine, but only the drawer front panels turned out to be pine.  The rest is oak.  This cabinet is so old all of the panels were nailed with hand made square nails.

The cabinet was just too boring with pine panels so I painted them to match the sides.  I then lightly sanded the drawer fronts for a distressed look and put on new handles.

I like the open surface, so I did not re-install the boxes on top.  I don't think that the boxes were original to the cabinet, they were a different type of wood, and just did not match the cabinet.


The Cabinet is sold

Monday, 10 November 2014

Look What I have!

I was going through Kijiji as is my habit, when I came accross an add for a "storage hutch".  The picture was dark, but the piece looked interesting.  When I arrived to pick up the "hutch" the previous owner advised me that the top part split, but she had never opened it because she had no key.

Well I got the cabinet home, pressed the top button and it popped open...and there was an envelope inside, holding the key

And this is what I got.

 This Knechtel Cedar chest has 2 key locks as there are 2 "lids"
The top compartment looks like it was designed for hankies, and lighter linens.

The lids lock together and both open to show the larger bottom storage area.

Some of the trim had been pulled off, but it was tucked safely inside.

I see this cedar chest in a soft white.  I am going to upholster the top so it can do double duty as a bench.

It even has the original Moth Insurance from Aetna Insurance Company!

This is the upper shelf of the cedar chest that is suspect was used to store finer
linens.  When you lower the lid, it locks onto this section.

This photo shows the lid and first section locked together and opened to show
the larger bottom storage area.

December 25, 1933-Maybe this was a Christmas Gift!
Moth Insurance
from Aetna Insurance