Monday, 29 July 2013

Refurbished China Cabinet

I just completed another china cabinet "conversion".  We removed the side panels, replaced the single door and installed two doors. This opens the cabinet for easier access.

 As is my habit I never took a before photo.  This cabinet is the exact duplicate of another cabinet I refinished. 

Cabinet Detail

The cabinet has a deep drawer for storage

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  1. Hi Adele,
    This cabinet is lovely. I like the changes you made to it. It would be great for so many uses. I love furniture like this; I love the detail. I was reading a couple of stories related to the pieces that your have refinished. The little writing desk and chair. Don't you just love those chairs, they go with everything. I have 3 of them. They belonged to my grandmother. Maybe one of these days I will treat them to new seat covers. The wood seems to still be in good shape, nothing a little steel wool and a couple of coats of wax would not fix.
    Have a great day! Talk to you soon.

    Letters from the Shore