Thursday, 23 May 2013

For My Friend Ellen

Ready for Summer
Spent the long week-end planting my flowers and cleaning the flower beds.  I am done!  I am not going to buy any more plants.  We went the to greenhouse in Elmwood on Saturday.  I have been going there for years, and have always had good luck with their plants.  The window boxes and baskets are all done.  Next week-end we will get the garden in.  New roof going on this week.

Ellen come by for a visit!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Refinished Chair-Great for the Summer

Shabby Chic Reed Chair
A great place to relax

 I just love this chair and hate to part with it.  But...I am reminded that I cannot keep every chair that I refinish.  Our house is getting a little bit crowded.  The basement is full and yard sale season is just beginning.  This chair was painted brown when I picked it up in a used furniture store.  I painted it blue with a white wash.  I was never happy with the finish, so I painted it a soft green and sanded it enough to allow a bit of the blue and brown to show through.   

I repaired a broken reed in the seat.  In time it will fade to match. 

Our Neighbourhood

Bluebird is still living in our garden
We were worried that the nesting bluebirds would be stressed with us working in the garden all weekend.  They are adjusting to having us around and will even sit and watch us work. 

Sitting in the Garden

Rocking Chair

I just finished this rocking chair in a soft yellow shabby chic paint effect.  It would be perfect for a small adult or child.  This is a strong chair but small.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

We have been really lucky this year.  We have blue birds, finches and sparrows in the garden. 
This weekend we hope to get working and planting, and I wonder how the "neighbours" will react.

A couple of goldfinch in the garden

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tiny Cabinet Refinished

Shabby Chic Cabinet

I just completed this Gibbard 4 drawer cabinet.  The cabinet is 24 inches wide, 12 1/2 inches deep and 52 inches high.  This small storage unit would fit in a bathroom, hallway or bedroom.  It is such a pretty little cabinet.  The door has a handle and push latch.

Love the detail around the door.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Finished dresser desk


This is the completed dresser drawer set.  I painted it a soft grey green.  You can see the hole in the back that will allow easy access for electric and computer cords.

Isn't the hardward the greatest!

The Perfect Study Area!

Preparing for our Visitor

We are having an exchange student come to live with us later this summer.  We have to clean up the spare bedroom and make room for her.  Like most guest rooms, it is the place we store a lot of "stuff".

I bought this dresser as a fix up and sell project.  However, when I got it home I could see it's potential use as a dresser/desk for our exchange student.  It has three good sized drawers, and a built in desk!

Lots of storage space and perfect for a laptop

I just love the pulls!  My daughter thinks that they are soooo ugly but I think they are wonderful!  The pull on the desk is broke.

The bottom drawer was a huge mess.  The veneer was only attached in a few areas.  After gluing, sanding, work, work, work, I just tore it off.  The drawer front under the veneer was good wood.

Dan has drilled a hole in the back of the cubby section for wiring to be pulled through for a light or laptop. 

I will post pictures of the completed project tonight!  I am so far behind, have lots of projects completed, but no time to sit on the computer!