Saturday, 27 April 2013

Spring at last-We have a new neighbour

  A new neighbour just moved in. 

Dan built this birdhouse about 10 years ago.  It sits in the middle of our veggie garden.  Today a pair of bluebirds moved in.  They were busy all day moving grass into their new home.

Everyone was enjoying the first real warm day.  I am working, refinishing an old tool trunk.  It was in really rough condition.  I am sure it was used as a mechanics trunk at one time; there was a lot of oil residue.  Dan made a new cedar bottom.  That certainly improved the odor!  I will post pictures this week.  

I have a bunch of completed projects that I have to get posted.  

I  painted this chair a warm yellow.
Bottom of "Tiny Cabinet" I have finished in warm white Shabby Chic

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