Friday, 23 September 2016

Little End Table

This is one sturdy little side table. Soft linen colour with black legs.

Vintage Sidetable for Crafts, Kitchen or Sewing Room

Winter is coming and I have to clear out my studio. This little table is 44 inches wide, and 20 inches deep.
The body of the table is painted in a vintage green/blue with a white interior. The table has been sanded, painted, sanded and finished with a top coat (or two) of satin finish varathane for strength.
The drawer was in pretty rough shape so I just covered it with old magazine adds from the 1940s. My how some things have changed, and some not so much!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Updated Secretary Desk

This is another example of "poor man's oak" finish.  This delicate secretary desk is made from a variety of woods but was finished with a painted oak finish for a uniform look.

The hardware had to be replaced as it wasn't giving any support when the front was lowered to use as a desk.

Sanding, sanding and more sanding!

I painted the details of the secretary in a dark blue knowing that the darker colour would "show through" with a light sanding.

The hardware has been replaced including the side hinge, lock and key. I purchased the lock and key from a vintage hardware supplier.  It really is an exact duplicate of the original lock and key. It  does look original to the desk.

I softly distressed the overlay

The front of drawer was just too bland, so we added a wooden overlay. 
It really pops with the dark blue undercoat.

The desk is 52 1/2 inches tall with a width of 30 1/4 inches .  It is 10 1/2 inches wide from back to front. I did paint the letterbox white but have not reinstalled. 


Shabby Chic Chalkboard

This antique frame is finished in a warm yellow, softly distressed to show off the wood overlay.

The chalkboard measures 24 inches tall and 32 1/2 inches wide.  I am pretty sure that at one time this was mirror frame, so it is well built and heavy.

Closeup of the detailing on the bottom of the frame.

We added a small chalk tray so you can always find that chalk!


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Summer project

Have had a summer of working in the garden, relaxing and visiting. It has been way too hot to be sanding, refinishing and painting furniture. I did a screen painting for my front porch though!

I have started work on a veranda bench made from an old bed frame. Photos to follow.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Five Drawer Dresser-$130.

I wish I could find more of these dressers.  They are fun to paint and never stay in the studio for a very long time.  I just love the pink and black combination.  I really should look into buying some blue paint; pink really is gender specific.

This is a before photo. As you can see, I had already started sanding when I remembered to TAKE A BEFORE PICTURE!

Pretty isn't it?

The minute I see those extra design details I start thinking about using more than one colour.  I sand the hardware prior to painting and run it through the dishwasher to be extra sure the spray paint will adhere.

I use wallpaper as a drawer liner. 

The secret to a smooth finish is sanding, sanding & more sanding.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Vintage "Waterfall" Vanity and Bench $250.

 I found some fabric for this vintage vanity's bench.
It has the soft green/blue from the vanity and some pink to match the handles.  I little bit funky and fun.

The last photo shows a "truer" colour.

I haven't finished this little vanity yet but thought I would post a picture of it. I think that it is sooo cute.  I have one more coat of varathane to apply and have to find material for the bench. I am in search of a vintage style fabric...

I painted this vanity ages ago and just didn't like it.  It is a warm white, that I shaded with brown stain for an antique look.  I have always loved the brass/pink handles. 
I am painting a cupboard with this vintage green mint and looked over my shoulder at this vanity and thought......

It looks wonderful.  I cannot wait to find the perfect material for the bench.  The search is on.